Monday, February 20, 2012

6 Month Old Food Critic

Who would have thought that a child who is a direct product of only one parent who is a picky eater while the other parent will eat just about anything once would take after the picky eater parent?!

I am choosing to not blame this on my personal food preferences but rather a banana...yes, a banana is the culprit. Which I guess is technically my fault since I fed him the banana, but I choose not to dwell on the minute details.

When I started feeding Connor solid foods, he loved carrots so much! Now, it's like they taste like dirt to him. I have tried feeding him differently. For instance, I was breastfeeding from both sides and then offering solids. Now, I'm trying to feed him from one side, give him solids, then finish with the other side of the breast. Failed attempt.

Any suggestions from mommies out there on feeding an almost 7 month old solids?

Sunday, February 19, 2012


It has definitely been a while since I have last posted and many things have taken place in the meantime.

One of these was a mommy/son trip to Florida to visit this girl, my best friend.  It was my first time flying by myself.  Yes, Connor was with me so I know I wasn't alone.  However, it was my first time flying without family or friends.  Obviously, we survived :)

What is my best friend doing in Florida? I'm so glad you asked. She married a Coastie last September and as any devoted wife does, she followed him. Since he was going to be deployed for a few weeks, Connor and I decided to take a trip to keep her company.

We had so much fun! She was the perfect hostess! We ate delicious food at local restaurants and even pigged out on cookie dough - just like the old days. We visited a park and Connor LOVED the swings!! The trip was far too short in my opinion (she may think otherwise). I'm excited to visit her and her love in the next city God is taking them - Morro Bay, CA!!!

 Ready to check in at the airport

 Hilary and Connor hanging out at the park

 How can you not love this face?!

 Connor playing with Hilary at lunch 

 Connor and mommy at lunch

 Kisses from my favorite little boy

 Connor and aunt Hilary


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's a first!!

We are experiencing a myriad of new things in the Edwards' household.

Connor is officially half a year old! This has brought a number of new things. "Firsts", if you will.

He is sitting up all by himself for quite a bit of time. We still have to put a couple pillows around him for when he is tired of sitting and wants to lay down. And, he is trying to pull up on anything and everything. He would much rather stand than anything else. He is also doing a really good job of "walking". He will hold onto your hands and take a few steps. Granted, it's wobbly and takes a while, but he's doing it! I'm pretty sure he'll skip the crawling stage and take off running!

We have also started giving the little guy his first solid foods.

I really want to make his foods myself. So, we started with brown rice cereal. He hated it! He literally threw it back up immediately. Don't worry, we have video and I'll share later.

We then tried carrots. He wasn't too sure of them at first. But with some reassurance from mom and dad (you know, "yum! carrots!"), he loves them! I also tried giving him peas yesterday, but he refuses to eat them.

He is definitely at a fun age and we are soaking in every moment we can!

Another first was more for mommy than it was for Connor.

Because Connor still will not take a bottle (trust me, I've tried everything!) I am unable to leave him with anyone longer than a couple hours. Any time I have left him with someone it has always been family or friends of ours or someone who came highly recommended and stayed onsite with me while I was working.

We have been taking Connor into service at church ever since...well, we always have. This was our choice to do so and not take him to the nursery because he is such a good baby and just sat there listening and taking everything in. He truly loves it!

Now that he's a mover and a talker (he "talks" during the most inopportune times - during prayer), I decided to try taking him to the nursery. I was skeptical only because I don't know what kind of sickness the other kids have and he doesn't know the ladies working in there (he's a mama's boy). Well, Keith and I dropped him off and he did great! He's definitely a flirt so he was smiling at everyone the entire time. I did really good too. I was only worried once throughout the service because I remembered I forgot to tell them that he can't sit up by himself for longer than just a few minutes without falling over. Luckily, I have a husband who is pretty much amazing. He reassured me that he informed them of this and that everything is fine.

I'm excited for all the firsts we'll be experience as the days come and go...