Thursday, December 1, 2011

Raising boys

My morning ritual consists of feeding and playing with Connor and keeping up with current events (of course this means the Today Show - what else?!) One of the segments was about raising boys. Being a new mom to an adorable little boy (who will quickly become a young man), this caught my attention. (I was more than happy to put down the non-working Christmas lights to listen and watch) It was all about boys growing up and needing to keep close guy friends and be comfortable talking about their feelings and emotions. It also goes into detail as to why boys don't feel comfortable sharing their feelings (fear of being looked at as feminine or gay). Here is the link to the story:

I so desire this for Connor. I think relationships are a vital part of your life. I have personally seen men in my life lose touch with best friends and the ramifications that brings - emotionally and socially. It only gets more challenging to find a best friend the older we get so I really want to instill this philosophy in Connor from a young age.

What are your thoughts?

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