Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mini vaca with the Estep girls

Things have been insanely busy to say the least. A couple weeks ago, my mom and sister, Stasi, decided to take a trip to visit my aunt and uncle in ATL. We packed the car with luggage, kids, and snacks and were on our way. It was so nice to get away for a few days and have some quality time with the Estep girls.

Our itinerary was booked full of fun things and we were exhausted when we got back. My aunt and uncle were the perfect hosts! They truly are the sweetest and funniest people I know! Our weekend consisted of antique shopping (a favorite in our family), going to see the Goats on the Roof (yes, it's a real place and yes, they are on a roof), delicious food, and going to the ATL mall.

And of course, a trip with kids wouldn't be one without a little bit of drama. Let's just say that one night of dinner consisted of this mama partaking in everyone else's free wine tasting, a floor covered in cheerios and veggie straws, and two bread baskets filled to the top with vomit. Don't worry, I didn't take any pictures. But, here are a few pictures we did take!

Connor with the goats when we went to Goats on the Roof

Avery and Kaitlyn petting the goats

He loved that bear

Avery, Stasi, Kaitlyn, and me!

Me and Connor on the goofy looking goat

This is how we roll around the mall

First carousel ride on the ferocious tiger

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