Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cleaning out more than just closets

A couple weeks ago I decided that it was time to start getting our "catch all" room in order and finally turned into an office so I can spread out all my work somewhere other than the dining room table.

I started by cleaning out the closet under the stairs (literally, the only storage space we have) in order to get rid of things we haven't used in the last four years in order to make room for some of our things that have just landed in the "office". This is what my downstairs looks like now and we have even thrown some things away and separated items into other rooms (don't judge me).

Connor has also been a huge help by either throwing papers and pictures around the room that I have neatly placed in the trash pile or entertaining himself by climbing into Norah's crate.

Speaking of papers and pictures to be thrown away. Keith and I both came across these items that contain our past friendships, memories with family, and relationships. I'm not sure why we kept these things for so long, but I'm guessing we just didn't realize we still had them. However, it was now time to clean out more than just our closet under the stairs. It was time to clean out items from our past that aren't needed anymore. We recognize these past relationships and friendships were all part of making us who we are today, and we appreciate that. However, we don't need their faces in packed away boxes in order to remind us of this. As we uncovered these artifacts, Keith found a gold mine. Yep, you guessed it, old love notes from middle school! I must say, these were hilarious!!! We both sat there and took turns reading a few out loud to one another using voice inflection, fluttery eyes and lots of emotion. And then, we would laugh hysterically.

Now, I'm not against keeping some pictures from past experiences with someone of the opposite gender such as prom pictures such as this one

Yes, this is my husband before going to the 8th grade dance. He wanted to throw this amazing jewel away! I told him that we must keep it! It will be great to pull out one day to show our kids what a goofball handsome guy their dad was in middle school :)

Have you done any spring/summer cleaning lately? Any organization tips you can share?

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