Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We Love to Dance!

It is no secret that I love to dance! Am I very technical? Not at all. But, I have fun tossing my arms in the air and shaking my body all of the place. Not only is it a great workout, but Connor loves to watch me make a fool of myself every day. Yes, I dance every day.

Sometimes, Connor will join in with his crazy mama by holding onto his crib and shaking his head around while bouncing up and down. He even has some sweet arm movements that he throws out there to spice things up a bit.

My favorite dances, though, consist of holding Connor in my arms while we dance around the living room. It doesn't matter what song is on or if it is a tune that came to my head. He and I both just smile and enjoy the moment. The sweetest moment we have had while dancing happened this week (and this mama needed it since I've been dealing with a cranky teething baby boy). While dancing around the dining room to a sweet slow song coming from a Pandora station, we danced hand in hand and cheek to cheek. All of a sudden, he took his face away from mine and when I went to look at him, he planted a big wet kiss on my lips! My heart melted and all the whining and crying immediately seemed worth it.

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